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Inside My Head

Inside My Head

One Year

Great relationships are often measured in years.

Marriages. Friendships. Family.

Of years, many would argue the first is the most exciting – sometimes the hardest – perhaps the most telling.

In your 20’s, a yearlong relationship equals success.

In marriage, the first year can be difficult.

With children, the first year is about survival.

For the overly sentimental who deem survival a negative word, I’d argue that from survival comes wonderful things: deep gratitude, true appreciation, fortitude, and much needed perspective.

I just survived my son’s first year of life.

From the moment I birthed Beckett, I knew our relationship would be a journey.  Unlike the instant love others describe, I held my newborn with a mixture of curiosity, anticipation, and a healthy dose of fear.

The journey progressed more quickly than I imagined. I made stops in uncharted emotional territories, I endured physical challenges, and I found joy in rather surprising places.

One day, when Beckett is old enough to understand, I’ll tell him the things I learned in our first year…

Being a mother starts on day one, being a good mother starts every day after that.

When you’re not sure if you can do it, just do it.

When you want to cry, cry.

If you feel happy – stop – and feel happy.

Ask for help.

Ditch perfectionism.

Feel blessed.

Be grateful.

Accept change.

Embrace chaos.



Befriend patience.


Make date nights.

Thank your own Mom.


Love. Just love.

Happy birthday to the charming little creature who is taking me on the most fabulous of journeys.


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happy bday Becket and congrats to you and C. Can't wait to see what all learn in year two!!

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i cry! i cry! :) you guys are the cutest little family! happy birthday little dude!

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Great post! Happy Birthday Beckett...

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